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The following are just a few of the ongoing projects in constructionism.

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The following are some of the ongoing conferences and journals in constructionism, as well as a few of the books that have been published on the topic.





The following are a few available online courses, textbooks, and other resources on constructionism.

Scholarly Resources

For a little more information on the value, applicability, generalizability, and difficulties in the design of controlled experiment, see the following:

Constructionism is a heavily-researched pedagogical technique. Below are some of the most influential readings in the domain, as well as some additional recommended readings.

Additional Readings

General Media

These sources would generally not be suitable for use in your assignments, but they may provide a useful general overview of the topic if you find yourself struggling with the more scholarly resources.

Constructionism is an overloaded term â€” it has meanings in politics, in philosophy, in education, and in other areas. Here, we’re specifically talking about the learning theory posed by Seymour Papert. Additionally, constructionism is often conflated with constructivism. The difference between the two is subtle: constructivism is a theory of how people learn, while constructionism is a theory of how we should teach. You’ll still see them used interchangeably in some places, so don’t be thrown off when some of the sources below mention constructivism instead of constructionism.

The following are some of the more visible media articles, video reports, and blog posts about constructionism in action.