Getting Started with MOOCs

Topic Overview

Interview with: Siya Raj Purohit

Interview on MOOCs with Siya Raj Purojit, Program Manager at Udacity.

Interview with: Sebastian Thrun

Interview on online education with Sebastian Thrun, Founder of Udacity and Professor at Stanford University.

Interview with: Courtney Drake

Interview on online education with Courtney Drake, Product Manager at Udacity.

Scholarly Resources

These are scholarly resources useful for starting a deep dive into the topic. You’re welcome to use some of these in your assignments, although everyone will need to find many resources far beyond those listed on this web site.

General Media

These sources would generally not be suitable for use in your assignments, but they may provide a useful general overview of the topic if you find yourself struggling with the more scholarly resources.

For more comprehensive information (as well as a special section on the Georgia Tech OMS program), please see:

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