Getting Started with Survey Research

Topic Overview

Making a Good Survey

Designing good survey questions, and a good survey as a whole, is an often-studied science. Below are some resources on constructing good instruments for measuring what you want to measure.

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Sampling Tips

Even a great survey can lead to unreliable results if the sampling method is off. Read below for tips on reliable sampling methods.

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Scholarly Resources

These are scholarly resources useful for starting a deep dive into the topic. You’re welcome to use some of these in your assignments, although everyone will need to find many resources far beyond those listed on this web site.

For more on the reliability and usefulness of survey research, take a look at the sources below.

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General Media

These sources would generally not be suitable for use in your assignments, but they may provide a useful general overview of the topic if you find yourself struggling with the more scholarly resources.

To get started with survey research, check out some of the introductory materials below. These will cover designing surveys that measure what you want to measure, getting a sample from the population that is sufficiently representative, soliciting participants in the survey, and analyzing the results.